In this article we briefly talk about the difference between gasoline generators and diesel generators, what kind of generator should be used for home? what kind of generator should be used for construction purpose ? and what kind of generator is suitable for office building emergency usage ?

cummins 4 cylinders diesel generator

Whether we should buy diesel generators or gasoline generators ? actually we just need to know what is the generator continuous working hours; when we want to use the generator to work more than 8 hours (within 24 hours), then we had better to use diesel power generator; if the daily working time does not exceed 8 hours, then we generally can buy and use gasoline generators.

Of course, this is not absolute. This is only based on the most ideal useage of the generator. However, there are many factors in real life that make you want to use a gasoline generator or diesel generator but can not use it. We all know that the gasoline generator sound is smaller than the diesel generator, the size is also smaller than the diesel generator, but the fuel consumption rate is more than the diesel generator. Usually we will choose diesel generator if we need continuously power supply; But some time because the generator to be used in the outdoor area, which have strict requirements for size and noise, then this time we certainly better to use gasoline generators. Diesel generator is not very ideal for these occasions.

When it is necessary to use a gasoline generator for more than 8 hours, we should run the gasoline generator every 3-5 hours, and then rest for 2-3 hours, let the gasoline engine well cooled. Diesel generators do not have this requirement.

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